The Education Policy of Burn Hall School and the Jammu-Srinagar Diocesan Education Society is based on the life of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Gospels. This encompasses the development of growing consciousness of the Human Dignity as the right of every person. This enables TO LIVE IN FELLOWSHIP AND MUTUAL HELPFULNESS.

The concern is for all God's people within the local community where the school is situated and especially for those of Christian Faith and the materially poor. Education also includes the development of knowledge and skill enabling a person to be loyal, peaceful and just in this world. In this way, God's plan for His world may be realized and humankind may attain the fullness of life.

The object of the institution is to impart excellent education. The priests who work in the institution have their most sacred duty not only to educate the mind but also to form the heart and mould the character of the pupils entrusted to their care at the same time keeping in mind the necessity of developing the power of idea and thoughts and initiate students to be ready to shoulder responsibility of the society and maintain a high standard of honour and integrity of life.

The main objectives of our school are summed as follows:

1. To impart sound and holistic education
2. To promote human values
3. To foster critical and independent thinking
4. To be agents of social change
5. Consideration for economically weaker section